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The reason to choose

The domestic first-class scientific research base of industry, sophisticated testing instruments and facilities
Product development
Quality assurance
The company attaches great importance to the development of independent intellectual property rights and innovation, the existing mobile communication products, marine engineering equipment and high technology, aerospace equipment and shipNew energy transportation equipment and other products, widely used in the defense industry, mobile communications, oil exploration, underwater detection and natural disaster monitoring and assessment etc.And field. The company also owns more than 50 patents.
The company has ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 14001:2004 international quality systemThe years of operation experience, strict production and quality control process, advanced quality supervision
The company has with the machine, assembly, packaging, testing and other 6 workshop, equipped with multiple large CNC machining center,Full automatic high frequency welding machine, automatic wire stripping machine, automatic assembly line and other professional production equipment, to form a complete set
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  • March into the ocean: the underwater robot will cr
    The underwater robot, also known as the unmanned remote control submersible, is a kind of extreme working robot working under water. The underwater environment is very dangerous, people's diving depth is limited (about 300 meters), so the underwater robot has become an important tool for the development of the ocean. Underwater robot with military and civilian functions and military applications including intelligence
  • What is the application function of the ship borne
    Xi'an Aerospace Communications equipment, ship carrying satellite TV receiving system is high technology products, which combines the advanced technology microwave antenna and servo tracking system, digital electronic circuit, automatic control, computer application software, digital audio and video, precision machinery
  • Xi'an wireless communication equipment vehicle sat
    The satellite antenna is a satellite antenna mounted on the car, TV signal of mobile satellite antenna receiving satellite transmission is received, as long as the satellite signal coverage area, can effectively receive,
  • Is the fault of the underwater imaging system accu
    Xi'an ocean science and technology underwater camera system observation approach: can be observed around the wall and the lower part of the picture, so that the problem of straight observation of the fault of the discrimination is more intuitive, more accurate.
  • Choose the antenna to communicate between the fixe
    ce the mobile station in the movement, communication direction is not fixed, so central station antenna should use omnidirectional antennas, for example, film of HF wideband antenna or with antenna tuner whip
  • How about the performance of the commonly used sho
    Directional antenna, simple bipolar antenna suitable for short distance communication, but the short wave distance communication signal is weak, and even when a variety of noise drowned

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