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In October 1999, Xi'an Haitian communications equipment limited liability company incorporated.

In July 2000, the "base station antenna for mobile communication system project contract settled in Xi'an high tech Industrial Development zone.

In October 2000, the Haitian company overall restructuring, change to the establishment of the Haitian antenna science and Technology Co Ltd, 5000 million shares of the total share capital, the registered capital of 50 million yuan.

In 2000, the Haitian company PHS base station antenna mass is pushed to the market, developed with independent intellectual property rights of the PHS base station antenna four series of more than 70, the successful alternative to the imported antenna, received a 100% domestic market share.

In November 2000, the ISO9001 international quality system certification.

In September 2001, the company "mobile communication system base station antenna project" by the national technology innovation fund.

In October 2001, the company was "Xi'an" Nine Five "outstanding high-tech enterprise title, chairman Xiao Liangyong was awarded" Xi'an "Nine Five" science and technology venture star".

In June 2002, the company was allowed to set up a national post doctoral workstation.

March 2002 General Secretary of the CPC Central Committee, state president and CMC Chairman Jiang Zemin, accompanied by the leadership of the provincial and municipal leaders visited the company.

August 2003 CPC Central Committee Political Bureau Standing Committee, comrade Li Changchun, in Shaanxi Province, Li Jianguo, governor Jia Zhibang and other provincial leaders, accompanied by a visit to the company.

November 2003 aboard mobile communication high speed train in Hong Kong Stock Exchange gem listing, stock code 8227, build national brand "Haitian antenna".

November 2003 joined the TD-SCDMA industry alliance, becoming the first group of members of the alliance;

In May 2004 eleven Qoig Gio Jeb visited the master Panchen Lama XAHT

November 2004 was awarded the Shaanxi provincial Environmental Protection Bureau of Shaanxi Province, the title of "green enterprise";

In January 2005, XAHT card base station antenna products by the Shaanxi Provincial People's Government in 2004 identified as the title of brand-name products in Shaanxi province;

April 2005 National People's Congress Standing Committee Wu Bangguo to inspect the work of the company;

August 2005 access to the national standardization of good behavior AAA grade enterprise;

July 2006 was elected to the Ministry of science and technology announced the first batch of 91 innovative enterprise pilot list is the only one of the country's antenna production industry has been selected companies;

February 2007 was named the 2006 China Xi'an economic influence of the selection of the best harmonious enterprise";

2007, vice chairman of the National People's Congress in April Gu Xiulian see company in the field of antenna to create a series of independent innovation products, the company's capability of independent innovation to give fully affirmed, pointing out that China's enterprise only by adhering to the road of independent innovation will achieve real success.

In May 2007, the first measurement of mobile phone radiation dose of SAR laboratory and put into use in the western region of china.

May 2007 from France to introduce and upgrade the 128 multi probe spherical near field electric scanning high-speed antenna test system through final acceptance, formal external operation, which is a major revolution in twenty-first Century antenna measurement technology.

Accompanied by November 2007, Vice Premier Zeng Peiyan in Shaanxi Province, the provincial Party Secretary Zhao Leji, Shaanxi province governor Yuan Chunqing, Xi'an municipal Party committee secretary sun Qing Yun, Xi'an City Mayor Chen Baogen, Xi'an Municipal Committee, director of the CMC Jing Junhai, leadership, to visit the research.

In Shaanxi province governor Yuan Chunqing, Xi'an municipal Party committee secretary sun Qing Yun, Xi'an Municipal Committee, director of the CMC Yue Huafeng, Li Keqiang, March 2008 of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee, vice premier of the State Council leadership, accompanied by, visit the Haitian antenna study visit.

In March 2008, the famous economist Zhang Weiying and CCTV reporter visit XAHT visit survey.

2008 April, the NPC Standing Committee Vice Chairman and President of the Chinese Academy of Sciences Lu Yongxiang to Xi'an Haitian antenna technologies Co., Ltd. visit.

In May 2008, led by the political commissar of the National Defense University Tong Shiping admiral class of National University of defense strategy, the defence research class investigation delegation to visit our company.

In June 2008 of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee, the State Council Premier Wen Jiabao in Xi'an chaired a corporate seminars will be on how to respond to the measures taken by the current international financial crisis, listen to the enterprise is responsible for the opinions and suggestions. XAHT chairman Xiao Liangyong and other business representatives attended the forum.

In November 2008, the "news network", "Chinese confidence" in the column, "small and medium-sized enterprises rely on independent innovation to cope with crisis cleverest over the 'winter'" as the breakthrough point, Haitian antenna how in the financial storm "contrarian", in a crisis realized stable development, rapid growth and other problems of interviewed Haitian antenna chairman Xiao.

In 2009, the company has undertaken the national new generation broadband wireless mobile communication network technology major special issue "TD-LTE base station antenna research and development", for the company to seize the 4G market laid the foundation.

In 2010, the company assumed the national new generation broadband wireless mobile communication network technology major special project "energy efficient active integrated antenna", required for the next generation of mobile communication construction, high efficiency, energy saving, active integrated antenna technology and industrialization is ready.

In December 2011 the company and Fujian three Yuan Da Communication Co., Ltd. jointly invested and established Xi'an three yuan of Haitian antenna Co., Ltd., powerful alliances to develop 3G, 4G market.

2014 company in Shanghai free trade zone and the Shanghai Shun Yu Investment Co., Ltd. jointly set up a Haitian antenna (Shanghai) International Trade Co., Ltd., the preferential FTA policy carry out export trade business, develop international clients.

In 2014 the company through the search for new strategic investors completed 300 million H shares of private placement, greatly added the company's operating cash flow for the company's future business development to create a good foundation conditions.

2015 with communications technology and research and development advantage, established three wholly owned subsidiaries: Xi’an Haitian Marine Technologies Co., Ltd., Xi’an Haitian Aerospace Technologies Co., Ltd., Xi'an Haitian Auto Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., extended existing business areas, to enhance the market competitiveness.

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