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    Xi'an Haitiantian holdings Co. Ltd. is a large modern technology holding company. On November 5, 2003, it was listed on the GEM of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. Xi'an sea has always adhered to the "people-oriented science and technology innovation to serve the society to pursue excellence" business concept, guided by market demand, and constantly committed to the industrialization of high-tech results.
    Innovation is the soul of the development of enterprises, talent is the most precious wealth of the sea every day, closely following the forefront of international technology is the company's leap development shortcut. Today, we not only have first-class R&D talents, but also have a domestic first-class R&D base, providing a reliable and powerful guarantee for the continuous development of the company. Our company has built a core competitiveness system based on research and development advantages, large-scale production, and fast service, and has become our most valuable capital to serve customers.
    At a time when the process of economic globalization is accelerating and China's information industry is at a critical stage of a new round of development, our team, with its innovative wisdom, passion and meticulous work style, will work together with all our friends who care about the sea and the sky. Along the virtuous track of technology integration into the capital market, we will constantly track the cutting-edge technologies and advanced management experience of international communications, practice in the wider international market, carry out diversified development, actively seize the market, and expand market share. "We will take the capital market as the link. We have diversified our efforts to build a Haidian-brand brand, and developed mobile communication products and services as the cornerstone. At the same time, it has developed a series of products such as underwater monitoring, underwater imaging, underwater mechanical equipment, drones, avionics imaging, monitoring, automotive electronic equipment, and mechanical equipment around marine engineering equipment and high-tech ships, aerospace equipment, and new energy transportation equipment. Development, sales, and The diversified development of the service group company has created a new pattern of the Haitian brand.
Hina Baichuan, because of its large; Long days are one color, but it is pure. The cause of the sea and the day depends on the efforts of all the people in the sea and they also need the support of the society. May we continue to carry forward the enterprise spirit of "team, hard work, professionalism and innovation" with the courage to break through ourselves and with the heart of Hina Baichuan and a rigorous and practical style of work. With the hard work and sweat of the sea day people cast the sea day brilliant tomorrow.
    We look forward to a hundred years later, we will be proud of it: because in our hands, the creation of a world brand, a lasting hundred years of enterprise.

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