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Choose the antenna to communicate between the fixe

Date:(2016-5-7)   Hits:1662

Since the mobile station in the movement, communication direction is not fixed, so central station antenna should use omnidirectional antennas, for example, film of HF wideband antenna or with antenna tuner whip antenna. Film antenna although the price is more expensive, but a rod antenna can be around the three antennas (two subtropical high elevation antenna, a pair of low elevation antenna) far and near distance communication can be both. Central station available whip antenna and whip antenna elevation angle is low, short-range (20--100 km) communications difficulties, distance (500--3000 km) if the proper frequencies. Good communication effect. The mobile station antenna due to the installation surface is limited, the use of domestic whip antenna, sometimes with grid, double ring, ring antenna. Long-distance communication, vertical whip antenna, near field communication can placed into an inverted "L" type, that increased use of the antenna of the vertical radiation surface can improve emission efficiency. As long as the transmission angle of the antenna, the radio's working frequency is appropriate, can overcome the short wavelength (30--80 km) communication difficulties.

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