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Is the fault of the underwater imaging system accu

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Xi'an ocean science and technology underwater camera system observation approach: can be observed around the wall and the lower part of the picture, so that the problem of straight observation of the fault of the discrimination is more intuitive, more accurate.
After practice, the quantitative method is accurate and reliable, and it is the further improvement of downhole video logging skills, the infrared thermometer and the underground imaging complementary, the effect of logging to pray for nothing.
The use of underwater camera can accurately find the damaged parts and their reasons for the timely adoption of the method. The bedrock hole of clear water, also can pass through the wall of the wall rock, fracture, joint and so on. It can also be found in the thin layer, interlayer, to make up for the lack of core.
Underwater camera imaging system is a new well logging tool, which can be used to monitor the downhole tubing or casing.

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