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Ocean to the sea: underwater robots will create great market and the UAV

Date:(2016-5-11)   Hits:931

The underwater robot, also known as the unmanned remote control submersible, is a kind of extreme working robot working under water. The underwater environment is very dangerous, people's diving depth is limited (about 300 meters), so the underwater robot has become an important tool for the development of the ocean. Underwater robot with military and civilian functions and military applications including intelligence gathering, reconnaissance, surveillance, mine countermeasures, anti submarine warfare etc.. Underwater robot civil purposes: underwater photography, marine surveying and mapping, marine oil and gas exploration, such as resource exploration, communication, etc..
With more exploration and understanding of human beings on the ocean world, the expert judgment in the next 5-10 years, the demand for military and civilian underwater robots will become increasingly strong, there will be one hundred billion market size.
As the original may also be mistaken as "model" small UAV, is creating imagined miracle. 2016 CES UAV become the focus of the world attention. According to professional research agency estimates that in 2014 the global UAV market size of about $6 billion 400 million, in 2023 is expected to reach $11 billion 500 million.
In the sky more and more lively time, our feet of the water is much more quiet. Due to delays in technology and design breakthrough, relative sky water shooting has been in a state of ignorance, this field is also only cost is not cheap (millions) of professional grade water devices are available, consumption level underwater camera and robot market, is likely to will be in full swing of the UAV market wide.

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