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Haitian aviation science and technology lead to promote agricultural income

Date:(2016-5-11)   Hits:1006

In order to promote the application of new aircraft in the field of agricultural plant protection, promote crop pest Commission ruled against professional work, effectively reduce the use of chemical pesticides, the full implementation of the central agricultural science and technology, modernization and informationization of the spirit of the instructions, according to the Shaanxi Provincial Department of agriculture, Finance Department of Shaanxi province "in 2016 a major crop pest Commission ruled against the implementation of guidance", April 20, 2016 Xi'an Haitian Aerospace Technology Co., Ltd. participated in the organization of the Huayin plant protection station of Huayin city's "yipensanfang specialized anti rule spot", and the Huayin area suitable for the navigation of the job concentrated wheat planting area of the implementation of the UAV aerial operation of agricultural plant protection. Huayin City Government in charge of agriculture Mayor Zhao, Weinan City plant protection station master Liu, Huayin City Agricultural Bureau Zheng and other leaders in person at the scene to guide, the system of agricultural plant protection station staff, township grower and towns agricultural growers have come to participate to observe.

This plant protection work of the company attaches great importance to the organization the frame of multi rotor UAV, dozen of competent professional air service personnel and professional car vehicle composition of navigation service team in the Huayin City "one jet and three defenses, traditional anti rule". In the actual operation, all the players are fighting high temperature, to the top of the sun, without fear of pesticide hazards, overtime work hard, excellent completed the Huayin City Agricultural plant protection task, by the leadership and growers height from local plant protection station.

On 25 April 2016, Haitian aviation service team fought in Zhouzhi County Shang Cun Zhen, in Xinmin village; Xiao Shui Tun Cun continuous operation for 5 days, overcome the decentralized local crop, field large trees and rugged road, is not conducive to the UAV flight inconvenience factors, we work together, excellent concentric Tongde completed the business District in Zhouzhi County contract business. During the Xi'an City Plant Protection Station webmaster and Zhouzhi County plant protection station come to watch and give the Haitian airline the Bulgarian team spoke highly of the graft, the Haitian aviation service team of professional and technical level, people-oriented service attitude is the city, County Agricultural Bureau of plant protection station, the local village committee and the villagers of affirmation and appreciation.

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