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Functional properties:
The highest level of explosion-proof certification, suitable for a variety of bad high-risk places
The 2 million pixel SONY1/3 CMOS sensor, the maximum resolution of 1920 x 1080
The main processor uses TI Da Vinci series of high performance and low power consumption DSP
Adopt the advanced video compression technology, high compression ratio, and the process is very flexible, very low bit rate
- the 3 million pixel high-definition camera, a variety of specifications of optional lens
- support dual stream, support mobile phone monitoring
The window glass surface treated by nanotechnology, high luminous flux rate, non stick water, not oil, dust exclusion
- low power consumption, low power consumption, the design of internal body convection heat dissipation, long time uninterrupted work
A plurality of power supply modes for easy selection, AC220V/DC12V (if you need other power supply mode can be customized)
- support PoE power supply function
The manufacture of 304 stainless steel material, suitable for corrosive environment
- under the hood using polycarbonate composite aerospace materials, hardening, anti fog treatment, with sufficient strength and excellent corrosion resistance.
- proof, waterproof and dustproof design, suitable for indoor and outdoor installation, all-weather use
Product overview:
HTO-NBH-20Q explosion-proof network dome camera internal installation of high performance color cameras and high quality lenses, the body design is reasonable, can be manually adjusted in a certain range of monitoring point of view. Due to the use of the whole body of stainless steel, so it also has a strong anti riot, fighting capacity.
HTO-NBH-20Q explosion proof network dome camera instrument design can meet the needs of group C II gas following typical (for hydrogen, acetylene, ethylene, coke oven gas, dimethyl ether, etc.) and combustible dust is the use of special environmental requirements, the manufacturing in line with iec60079, IEC21641, GB3836-2000 and gb12476.1-2000 standard provisions; stainless steel shell, aerospace materials production of transparent cover, 1.5 kilograms of impact resistance, with industry's highest IP66 protection. It can be used in any harsh environment; internal installation compact high resolution color camera, according to the actual situation of matching different focal length lens.
Product model
Explosion proof grade
Protection level
video camera
Imaging device
2 million pixel CMOS "SONY1/3 sensor
main processor
TI Da Vinci series high performance low power DSP
Minimum illumination
Color 0.1Lux@F1.1, black and white 0.01 Lux@F1.1;
Lens specification
4mm, 6mm, 8mm, optional
Digital noise reduction
3D digital noise reduction
Compression standard
Video compression standard
H.264 encoding type
Profile BaseLine / Profile Main
Compressed output rate
32 Kbps~8Mbps
Maximum image size
1920 * 1080
frame rate
2 million and the following 25 frames (Quan Shishi), support 1~25 frame / second adjustable;
Image output
Main stream: 1920 x 10801600 x 12001280 x 10241280 x 9601024 x 7681280 x 720; sub stream: 640 x 360480 x 270352 x 288320 x 240352 x 192320 x 192288 x 192256 x 192 x;
Image setting
Corridor model, saturation, brightness, contrast, sharpness can be adjusted through the client or browser
Interface protocol
Support agreement
UPnP RTSP/FTP/PPPOE/DHCP/DDNS/NTP/ and other network protocols;
audio interface
Alarm interface
General specification
temperature range
-40 C ~ 60 C
relative humidity
No more than 95% (+25 degrees C)
Atmospheric pressure
80kPa ~ 106 kPa
Constant temperature system
Power supply voltage
DC12V power supply
Applicable environment
Used in explosive gas and combustible dust environment
Product material
304 stainless steel material (chemical, acid, alkali and other strong corrosive environment)
Outline dimension
Inlet hole size
1 20*1.5mm "line hole
Installation method
Lifting and lifting
Product weight

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