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Platform system and technical index
Max plane flying speed 180km/h
Cruising speed 110-160km/h
Stall speed 90km/h
A high ceiling of less than 5500m
Safety minimum relative flight height 100m
Takeoff distance 400m
Glide glide distance 600m
Load capacity is less than or equal to 70kg
Power supply mode for airborne generator plus standby battery pack
Each flight time is less than 10h
Minimum turning radius 150m
Takeoff speed is greater than or equal to 100km/h
The average repair time less than 5h
To take off time / withdraw time = 1h/ = 1H
Airborne generator power 800w/28v
Wing length / Captain 8.00m/6.2m
Maximum takeoff weight 80kg
System reliability index
MTBF (MTTF = 100h)
Flight time is less than 10h each time
The mean time to repair (MTTR) = 5h
The rate of deviation is less than or equal to 3m/s in normal flight conditions
The normal landing speed is less than or equal to 10m/s (the wind angle of 30 degrees)

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