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What are the Xi'an wireless communication antennas?

Date:(2016-5-16)   Hits:857
1. Yagi antenna: Yagi antenna in short wave communication? Usually used for larger than in excess of 6 MHz band, Yagi UDA antenna in the ideal case gain can be reached 19dB, Yagi UDA antenna used in narrow band and high gain shortwave communication, erection and installation of the tower? Has the very strong directivity. In a tower and erected several main advantages of Yagi antenna, Yagi antenna is cheap.
2 log periodic antenna: the log periodic antenna is expensive, but it can be used in many kinds of frequency and elevation angle. Log periodic antenna suitable for medium and short wave communication, high efficiency, using sky wave signal, close to the expected value of emission. Compared with other high gain antennas, the direction of the log periodic antenna is stronger, and the attenuation of the unwanted signal is larger.
3 long line antenna: the advantages of long - term antenna is simple structure, low price, moderate gain. With the Yagi antenna and log periodic antenna, antenna length and low gain. But the advantage is that, because of its gain and linear length, the user can find the length and the angle of the best receiving line. By comparing the signal wavelength, the length of the outlet is calculated, which is very suitable for long-distance communication. When the length of 4 times the wavelength in the elevation of 25 degrees and dipole antenna gain is 3dB higher than, when the length of 8 times the wavelength, high gain 6dB, elevation dropped to 18 degrees, figure 1 shows a long wire antenna gain is shown in figure.
4 mobile antenna: mobile antenna generally work in the 2 ~ 25MHz band, for the vertical polar antenna, performance and mechanical characteristics, the antenna length is shorter, in the low elevation work, the transmission efficiency is moderate. Under normal circumstances, the antenna elevation should be greater than 45 degrees, because the length of the antenna is short, is the low efficiency of the antenna. In automobile and mechanical properties limits the antenna selection, but the antenna can be placed into an inverted "L" type, which increases the vertical radiation surface of the antenna can improve emission efficiency, "L" antenna suitable for shortwave communication.
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