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7 point wireless antenna selection techniques

Date:(2016-5-16)   Hits:898
Whether it is a wireless network card, wireless AP or wireless router, there are built-in wireless antenna. Therefore, when the transmission distance is relatively close, the user does not need to install an external wireless antenna. However, when in indoor transmission distance beyond 20 to 30 meters, outdoor transmission distance beyond 50 to 100 meters, it is necessary to consider to install an external antenna for wireless AP and wireless network card, to enhance the wireless signal strength and extension of the wireless network coverage.
Xi'an wireless communication antenna varieties are more, in order to adapt to different frequencies, different purposes, different occasions, so, in the purchase of the antenna, it should be noted that the following factors:
The wireless standard
Currently, there are 3 standard wireless network standards, that is, 802.11b IEEE, 802.11g IEEE and 802.11a IEEE. Among them, 802.11b IEEE, 802.11g IEEE work in 2.4GHz, while 802.11a IEEE work in 5GHz. Wireless antennas for wireless products should be used and implemented in the corresponding standard.
The application environment
Some wireless AP and wireless router antennas are located indoors, while some are located outdoors, so they should be selected according to the needs of indoor or outdoor antenna suitable for different environments. It should be noted that the indoor antenna has not been done waterproof and lightning protection, therefore, the indoor antenna can not be used for outdoor.
- Coverage
When data transmission is needed, we should choose the antenna with large gain, but the small gain antenna can be selected for the wireless network with the transmission distance. In general, large gain antennas are suitable for long distance transmission, while small gain antennas are suitable for applications such as network roaming and so on. Gain of the size of the use of dBi said that the indoor antenna is mostly 4~5dBi, mostly outside the antenna 8.5~14dBi.
The connecting device
Directional antenna is very directional, can send the signal to a direction or receive from one direction. The omnidirectional antenna can transmit or receive wireless signals in all directions, although it can cover a very wide range, but the signal in each direction is weak. So, in general, the wireless AP and wireless router should choose the omni-directional antenna, and the wireless network card can use the directional antenna.
The type of network
For the peer-to-peer network, all the wireless network cards should use the omni-directional antenna. If there are only two wireless network cards in the wireless network, it is natural to use directional antennas.
For access point network, the wireless AP or wireless router needs to provide wireless connection for all the wireless network cards in the wireless network. As the wireless network card, because just need to communicate with the wireless AP or wireless router, so, should choose the directional antenna.
The installation position
Although some of the indoor antenna can be installed on the desktop, can also be installed in the wall. However, some products are only suitable for desktop. Therefore, according to the installation location of wireless AP or wireless router, the appropriate type of indoor antenna should be determined.
The product brand
Although wireless products are to follow the same international standards, however, different products often have a different interface, the use of different cables, so different brands of wireless antennas are often not universal.
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