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Expert analysis on the characteristics of vehicle mounted satellite receiving antenna

Date:(2016-5-16)   Hits:875
Xi'an wireless communication equipment vehicle mounted satellite receiving antenna, the antenna has the advantages of ultrathin, high gain, strong stability, wide range of application, etc., can receive the line / circular polarization beam. At 200 kilometers per hour, the jitter of the road can be stabilized. For the region receives, widely used in car, sedan, SUV, MPV, military vehicles, special vehicles, bus, minibus, yachts and other mobile vehicles, multi function, high reliability, miniaturization, easy installation, light in weight, and features.
Product characteristics:
1 advanced technology, the use of the world's most advanced phase control technology, you can quickly and ready to find the satellite, and stable ratings
2 output screen is clear and stable, can receive high-definition satellite images.
3 output sound crisp, with high fidelity speakers, the effect is better.
4 receiving a wide range of products, as long as the ground floor field strength greater than 50dBi of the area can be received.
5 strong seismic capacity, so whether it is bumpy rural roads or mountain roads are not related.
6 Super base height, with a total height of 14CM, for the world's most thin car in the satellite antenna.
7 strong ability, no matter your car is uphill, downhill, or turn it Never mind.
8 signal recovery ability to express, regardless of the signal is trees, buildings, tunnels and other shielding, can quickly determine the star after leaving.
9 easy installation, this product adopts the carrier or rubber magnet screws, immediately in the speed of 200 kilometers is as steady as Mount Tai.
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