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Division of the principle of explosion proof camera

Date:(2016-5-16)   Hits:886
The application principle of the explosion-proof equipment is generally clearance type, prevent contact type, using safety measures and other such as the use of the delay characteristics of the explosion to support the advanced power outages and other explosion-proof principle. Which is applicable to the television system with the principle of space explosion and the principle of the use of safety measures.
First, the principle of explosion-proof explosion-proof camera Division
1 explosion proof camera clearance principle
Electric arc and spark can ignite the explosive mixture. The gap created by the German flameproof structure, is to prevent the arc ignition method around explosive mixture is reliable. It has a strong enough housing, can withstand internal explosive gas mixture produced the maximum explosion pressure to ensure no deformation or damage, and has a certain structure gap to make jet out of the combustion products through a flange length cooling below the external explosive mixing spontaneous combustion temperature. The structure clearance can be composed of a plane surface or a cylinder combined surface, and can also be composed of a curved road, a thread or a barrier type structure.
2 explosion-proof camera using the principle of safety measures
On the device by a series of safety measures make it in to the maximum extent caused by the spark and arc or dangerous temperature, or by effective protection components to produce a spark, arc or temperature can not be ignited explosive mixture, in order to achieve the purpose of explosion-proof, explosion-proof safety, intrinsic safety type electrical equipment is using the principle of manufacturing.
Two, explosion-proof equipment materials
For explosion-proof explosion-proof equipment enclosure should be able to withstand 1.5 times the actual maximum explosion pressure, but shall not be less than 3.5 x 105 Pa. For class I mining working face equipment, housing shall be made of steel or cast steel; type-I non mining working face of equipment, the housing available grades not less than is made of gray cast iron ht25-47; type equipment and class II equipment carried by class I, housing available tensile strength is not low in 117.6N/mm2 (12kg / mm2), the content of magnesium in not more than 0.5% (weight ratio) of light alloy is made.
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