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Introduction: the dogs, sheep and other animals of the results of the study show that: water blast injury mortality up 40-70%, injury, lethal main target organ is the lung and intestine; cause different degree injury impulse thresholds were; extremely severe: 322.6 ~ 5798 (kPa - MS), severe: 24.78 ~ 322.6 (kPa - MS) moderate: 1.42 ~ 214.3 (kPa - MS) mild: 121.1 ~ 1.42 (kPa - MS).
Effective rejection distance according to 150 (MS / kPa) design, can be repeated attacks.
Device: the control cabinet, constant current high voltage power supply, energy storage capacitor, an energy controller, high voltage cable, power converters, trigger, directional output tube, casing, nitrogen cylinder, the power supply cables and power; work mode to trigger pressure setting. The controller is arranged on the surface of the water, and is controlled to charge the energy storage capacitor, aiming to trigger (emission); the constant current high voltage power supply, the energy storage capacitor, the trigger and the energy controller are arranged in the sealed shell body. Shell body can be placed on the patrol boat can also be placed in water under the fixed platform; directional output tube placement in patrol boats shipboard, artificial sight is rotated, and can also be arranged in the underwater platform and electric control aim.
1 movable type underwater stop
The pulse power driving source and the transducer are integrated into a whole by means of a ship, a buoy and the like, and the power supply and the control operation of the power supply and the control operation are driven by a cable. Will refuse to stop device through a cable placed underwater, can use cables or the battery provides power for the device, according to the set pattern of work, through multiple refused to stop device joint working, in the protected area (oil exploration, drilling and production platform, the naval port of export) formed denial circle.
A single stop device to the spherical wave output, effectively stop the radius of 50m, the device can store 15kJ, working frequency of 0.1-1 times per minute.

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