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HTO-165-BD series explosion-proof electric PTZ (built-in decoder)

Date:(2016-5-25)   Hits:941

Functional properties:

The highest level of explosion-proof certification, applicable to a variety of harsh high-risk places
The window glass surface treated by nanotechnology, high luminous flux rate, non stick water, not oil, dust exclusion.
Can be installed with fixed focus or zoom lens of the camera.
- low power consumption, low power consumption, the design of internal body convection heat dissipation, long time uninterrupted work.
A plurality of power supply modes for easy selection, DC12V/AC220V (if you need other power supply mode can be customized).
It is made of 304 stainless steel suitable for corrosive environment use.
- proof, waterproof and dustproof design, suitable for indoor and outdoor installation, all-weather use
Product overview:
HTO-600-BC blast shield meet in group II C gas following (typical for hydrogen, acetylene, ethylene, coke oven gas, dimethyl ether and other) environment with explosive substances, explosion-proof performance with gb3836.1-2000 the explosive gas environment with electrical equipment Part 1: General requirements ", gb3836.2-2000 the explosive gas environment with explosion-proof electrical equipment Part 2: Flameproof type" d "" the provisions made of explosion-proof structure. Stainless steel / carbon steel case, with IP66 protection level, can be used in extremely harsh environment.
HTO-600-BC explosion-proof shields but has no wipers, window glass nano self-cleaning function, can be equipped with sunshade. And install more affiliated module can be installed: camera module, optical transmission module, power supply module, etc.) applicable to with IIA, IIB, IIC combustible gas, ignition temperature group T1-T6 group of 20, 21, 22 area containing combustible dust mixture in place. Such as oil field, chemical industry, oil and gas treatment, coal mine, military industry, medicine, gas stations and other industrial and mining enterprises.
Product model
Explosion proof grade
Protection level
temperature range
-40 C ~ 60 C
relative humidity
No more than 95% (+25 degrees C)
Atmospheric pressure
80kPa ~ 106 kPa
Constant temperature system
Outline dimension
Window area
Good 65mm
Internal dimensions
Of 100 * 300mm (length)
Power supply voltage
DC12V/AC220V optional
Applicable environment
Used in explosive gas and combustible dust environment
Product material
304 stainless steel material (chemical, acid, alkali and other strong corrosive environment)
Inlet hole size
2 G3/4 "line hole
Installation method
Universal joint, fixed bracket, upright post
Product weight
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